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Mini Size Fix Volume Micro Pipette in Giza

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Mini-5 5µl
Mini-10 10µl
Mini-20 20µl
Mini-25 25µl
Mini-50 50µl
Mini-100 100µl
Mini-200 200µl
Mini-250 250µl
Mini-500 500µl
Mini-1000 1ml

Salient Features of fully Autoclavable Fix Volume Mini Micropipettes

Fully autoclave, accurate & precise.

Mini size pipette optimum 130mm. gives maximum accuracy.

Two step plungers ensure last drop dispending.

Poly propylene material.

Silicon rubber oring.

Steel tampered spring.

Smart tip corn design allows perfect fit for 200µl as well as 20µl tips.

& allows perfect fit for 1000µl as well as 250µl tips also.

Two year warranty for manufacturing defects (T. C. Apply)


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